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Prehistoric Ritual Monuments
within the British Isles

In 1988 Roger Martlew and Clive Ruggles of Leicester University produced an interactive videodisc containing over 2,000 images of prehistoric ritual monuments within the British Isles, together with "walkabouts" of sites such as Avebury, Stonehenge, and Callanish, and short films showing events such as midwinter sunrise at Newgrange. There were also site plans and aerial photographs. The disc was intended as a resource for teaching and learning.

Those images for which permission is available have now been transferred to ArtServe, and processed semi-automatically by having a computer address the laserdisk and digitize the required images. Since ArtServe is interested in Mediterranean architecture, it is fitting that we should feature some of the earliest monumental structure in the history of European architecture.

Many new images are now available from the STILE (Students' and Teachers' Interactive Learning Environment) project in Leicester.

There are currently 250 images available on Artserve. Proceed from here to the index.

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