11. Manohara's flight

The palace, from which the flight takes place, is on the right. It is in the usual style and has a vestibule on the left with steps to the ground. In front on the entrance Manohara is already on the wing, against a background of clouds; two other clouds can be seen higher up. Some birds fly after her and flowers are dropping to the earth. On the left we see the spectators, some shew astonishment but most of them take no notice of the princess's flight, they are in a row both sitting and standing; the front one has a dish filled with wreaths next to him, some are armed with swords, one holds a flower, most of them have nothing. They are probably courtiers and guards; at any rate neither the king nor the purohita are present, which is rather strange for the text tells how the king saw his daughter-in-law flying through the air and turned to his chaplain to ask what should be done now the victim had escaped.