13. Sudhana hears from his mother what has happened

Although the design of this scene is the same as that of No. 8 and the prince with his mother is placed in a pavilion on the left, and Sudhana's retinue on the right, the sculptor has managed all the same to bring in variation by the arrangement of the details. Here too the queen sits in the highest place, as is her due, on a throne with a back and legs and with a box under it; her son sits opposite leaning in a seat with back, but very slightly raised. Between the two is a dish filled with something, behind the queen kneels an attendant. It is quite plain that the queen is speaking, the prince sits with arms crossed on his breast listening, respectfully bending forward. Outside the pavilion, behind the prince, sit his followers, those in the centre of the group being damaged. In the front some people with bowls, behind, a couple of soldiers with sword and shield, with the bearers of the prince's insignia, the above-mentioned umbrellabearer being one of them. There is an elephant in the background with only a cloth on its back, therefore it cannot have been ridden by prince Sudhana. Its presence is probably by way of decoration to the scene.