15. Sudhana receives information from the rsi

Trees are planted all over the relief to indicate the change of scene, as well as the rocks and deer quite on the right shew the wild character of the landscape; away on the left appears the lotus-pond, former bathing-place of the kinnari's, as on No. 5. In the middle of all this the prince is sitting on the right on a elevated cushion, questioning the rsi who is seated on a skin in the middle of the relief. The rsi is just as thin as he was on No. 5, but he has now grown a beard and his costume ~ if we can call it such—is improved with a forehead-band and bracelets on wrist and arm. The sculptor has taken the liberty of giving him some company not mentioned in the text; though it is not expressly stated he was alone, the whole tone of the scenes in which he takes part makes it clear that only one hermit living by himself is meant, not one of several dwellers in a hermitage. However the sculptor has chosen to insert, between the rsi seated alone and the lotus-pond, three more ascetics together, all with beards and their hair twisted on top of their heads into a knot. They are not quite so thin as their colleague or rather their superior, for the artist has evidently intended the first rsi as head of the hermitage where the others are pupils.