19. The youthful pair enjoying themselves at Druma's court

On a wide throne with a back to it and spread with cushions, the reunited couple are seated in the middle of the scene. Under the throne are two large square open boxes with lotus-flowers and heart-shaped leaves hanging out of them. These flowers are not met with on any other relief, their meaning is not clear. A couple of servants with umbrella and leaffan are sitting on the right and on the same side, in front of two trees, are two horses decorated with bells, and an unharnessed elephant. The prince and his wife are admiring the performance of a dancer on the left. The accompanying music is next to her quite on the left, it consists of seated men playing the flute, the pot-shaped drum and the cymbals, while behind them stands a row of women in the same costume as the dancer and the same sort of jeweled diadem in their hair; they all hold the usual two little bells in their hand. It is noticeable that three of the musicians have the sect marks in the middle of the forehead.