32. The king distributes gifts

With all its resemblance in design—building on the right, distribution in the centre and the recipients on the left,—this differs very much from the last relief. The receivers of the dole, here also in a row, kneeling, sitting or standing, are mostly different in appearance, some w ear much better clothes, and in the top row, where one or two have umbrellas, there are some brahmans, one of whom, farthest to the left, has already turned to go away. There is more variety in their attitudes, we see one busy tying up his share in a cloth and another holds out a cloth or the hem of his garment instead of his hand and has already four things in it. The king himself is distributing, his hand is in a large bowl of rings that a bearded servant holds before him, supporting its weight with his left knee. Behind and next to these a number of other servants are standing and walking, one has a fly-whis}<, others a tray with rings, a large pot and a dish with bags of money. The queen is busy too; she sits on a throne with a back, in a pavilion with two side-wings. A person with a large tray of valuables kneels before her to receive instructions about them and a second with the same kind of tray is behind her; another servant bent under the weight of a large box is approaching. In the right hand wing of the building two more of these boxes and a pot filled with jewels stand ready. The pavilion is decorated with fly-whisks and a banner.