35. T he birth of Prince Mandhatar

In a pendapa with a smooth unornamented roof, on the right of the relief, the royal family is seated, first the king, the queen next to him, both on cushions, with two female attendants on the floor, one holding a large box. Between the king and queen, and standing on her hip, is the small prince with some traces of the crescent-ornament, usual for infants, behind his head but without the band crossed over the breast often seen with it. It is curious that king Upo$ada has a halo here and on the following relief, owing probably to the sculptor's carelessness. It is quite another thing that Mandhatar has one, later on, he is of course the Bodhisattva. On the right of the pendapa there are some more female attendants sitting and standing. On the left seated, is a man in royal dress conversing with the king. The text gives us no idea who this may be, so till some other version enlightens us, he may be considered as a visitor come to congratulate. Behind him is his suite with a umbrellabearer and guard armed with a sword; in the background is a fruit-tree, a horse and groom and an elephant with saddle-cloth on. Notice these animals in connection with the description of No. 39.