37. Reward of the prophet (?)

The scene is somewhat changed. On the right there is now a royal palace enclosed by a palissade, a solid building of two storeys, without windows or much ornement except on the roof; the covered entrance is on the left. In front of this is the king with some attendants standing and kneeling, an umbrella-bearer, an armed guard and just behind the monarch a handmaiden holding a tiara, probably intended for a gift. The king himself holds in his right hand a vessel with a spout, usual at gift-givings, out of which sticks a lotus, while he is pouring water on the outstretched hand of a brahman who sits under a richly-decorated penthouse supported by columns. Quite on the left~ehind the brahman are some royal attendants and the peacockfeather fan is set up as in the last scene. The front one of these persons is not armed but the others all have swords or bow and arrows. Notice the enormous and well-filled quiver of the man sitting right at the back; this object is evidently of a size suitable for filling up the empty left-hand top corner.