41. The shower of grain

The miracle takes place on the left, while the king stands on the right with his retinue. The full ears are raining down from a mass of cloud, probably it is rice but it looks also somewhat like maize. The delighted laborers are gathering in their easy halvest; they are binding it up and in the background some is already being carried away by the help of a carrying-pole. In front of the king on the right and outside the shower of grain, three men are sitting, they are not helping with the harvest and are better-dressed than the farmers, one of them makes a sembah to the king; these are undoubtedly the councillors who answer the kings question and take part of the credit to themselves. On the right of the relief the royal suite are kneeling and standing, among them the usual bearers of the umbrella and folded bowl and the anned escort with sword and shield or bow and arrows.