47. The battle between the gods and asura's

This relief is terribly worn away so that we can only guess at many of the details. Two groups are fighting opposite each other, both occupy about half the space. The left one is on the defensive and partly in retreat, the right are attacking; undoubtedly the first are the asura's, the other the gods. On both sides the composition is much the same, a kneeling or sitting row of combatants below, a second standing or hovering above it; behind, we find the leader whose rank is indicated by the umbrella held over him. We cannot see on what the chief of the asura's is seated, sword in hand; the leader of the gods, of course Mandhatar, is on a sort of square board that appears to rest on nothing but the heads of the warriors beneath it. The chariot mentioned in the text is not to be seen anywhere, although according to the tale it was raised right above the enemy. Both parties fight chiefly with sword and shield; the attacking army have a good many archers among them in the top row. Just as in other battle scenes, what the sculptor has achieved does not seem very successful; although we allow for the damage the relief has suffered, the design remains rather poor and not very lifelike.