66. A banquet is offered to Rudrayana

A spacious pendapa occupies most of this scene. A table and a seat are placed within. The table takes up a very important place, it is loaded with viands; a large ball of rice surrounded by a number of dishes of accompanying foods, sambalans and sayurans and among them the small fish still to this day so much liked, are to be seen. The king and queen on the couch are in my opinion, as remarked on the last page, the persons for whom the feast has been arranged; if this were not the case then we ought to see moreof the guests. A couple of waiting-women with fly-whisks stand on the right of the pendapa. On the left are two men with other dishes, one kneeling and one standing; the latter has a plate in each hand and the first holds a dish on what looks like a square tray; as the sculptor could not put this in to advantage quite flat, he has letit slope soas to be seen plainly, but the dish is sure to fall off. The rather irregular shape of this tray makes us wonder if it may be intended for something else, perhaps a letter, but the unnatural way in which the dish hangs above it remains incomprehensible. Behind these figures, above whom a pair of birds are flying, some men are sitting on the left under a tree, they may belong to the merchant-ambassadors or to the king's retinue; the last one behind is armed with a sword.