67. Bimbisara receives the box of jewels

The king of Rajagrha is sitting with his spouse, who holds some flowers in her hand, on the right of the relief on a couch under a canopy that rests on pillars. A closed box is under the seat. Next, on the left, in a group are some members of the king's household, behind whom the umbrella and the peacock-feather fan are set up. The first of the courtiers raises his hands in sembah but holds up something to the king at the same time, something now quite indistinct. The last of the group turns round and holds up both hands to receive the box of jewels offered to him by a kneeling man more to the left. This man wears a beard and with the three just behind him differs from the other figures on the relief by not wearing their hair in the usual high style, as they have only a wreath on their smooth hair, brushed back and twisted together in a knot. As the same style of hairdressing is found on No. 69 on the men who there come to present the cuirass, it may be this has been done to distinguish the men of Rajagrha from those of Roruka, and if onlyithadbeendoneconsistently it would have saved much trouble in explaining the reliefs. Three of these four men are armed, one has a short sword, the second the usual long straight sword and shield, the third a curved sword. Quite to the left behind this group some persons are sitting in ordinary dress, they probably belong to the king's suite. In the background are a few trees.