68. Rudrayana receives the chest of garments

This scene more or less ressembles the last; we see here too, from right to left: the king, some persons seated who turn towards him, those who present the gift, and then attendants. The king sits with the queen in a small pavilion; he leans his head on his right hand that holds some flowers, and is sunk in thought, evidently cogitating over the gift to be sent in return. On the left, next to the pavilion, three men are sitting, two of whom make a sembah; they might just as well be Rudrayana's courtiers as members of the merchants' party. In the background we see the royal umbrella and a cake-standard. Just behind those seated men are two standing, the front one is holding up a box with both hands: this will be the gift from Bimbisara. The second holds in one hand a small spherical object, such as we noticed in the last relief in the hands of one of the persons who are presenting the gift. The space between these two standing figures is occupied by a row of seated men, with trees in the background; some of them are armed with swords, the attendants maybe of the ambassadors or of the king himself.