7. The purohita advises the king to send the prince out on a fighting expedition

In a small pendapa, on a throne with a back to it, the king sits in the middle of the relief; his retinue, with all the insignia of royalty, are placed on the left. The king turns towards the purohita who is seated, slightly raised, and makes a sembah to the king. The purohita has of course the ordinary appearance of a brahman, but a very distinguished one, with a rosette on his forehead, an ornamented band round his hair, earrings and bracelets, SUCH as we might expext the court-chaplain to be. Behind him, against a background of a few trees, are several armed guards, part of the kings attendants. This is again one of the pictures impossible to explain without knowledge of the text that was followed, and that nevertheless in spite of the quite ordinary situation it gives, is of great importance to the course of the tale.