73. Caila preaches in the zenana

Here it is a nun who preaches. She is seated in a kneeling attitude on a low couch with a back, in a large palace hall with side-wings, a couple of waiting-women behind her. Separated from her by a vase of lotus-flowers with a spout, the audience is sitting on the ground; it consists of the king, holding an utpala in his hand and some four of his wives, like the nun, kneeling. An armed guard surrounds the palace, representedbyone figure in the side-wing on the right and several others sitting quite outside the building on the left. Opposite these last stands a waiting-woman in the left wing, possibly, as Foucher suggests, she is giving orders to the guard not to let any one enter while the sermon is going on. For the rest, it does not seem to matter much if any one was let in to the side wing, where on the other side of the hall the military escort apparently is permitted. It is also quite possible that no order is being given but the attendant is merely leaning with her lifted hand against the doorpost while, for some reason or other, she is just stepping outside. Notice that the bhiksum, the same as on the relief following, wears the tip of her garment over the left shoulder of her otherwise quite-clothed body, while the monk when he appears, sits in the usual way with bare right shoulder.