76. Rudrayana announces his intention of abdicating

In a spacious pendapa, against the same kind of back, the king and the crownprince Cikhandin are sitting with the so often seen folded bowl, placed in a vase between them. They are having a lively conversation, as tile text alone can tell us. On both sides of the pendapa that takes up the middle of the scene, the attendants are seated, nearly all of them armed. The two persons without weapons sitting on the right we must not recognise as the ministers Hiru and Bhiru, though they are mentioned in the text as taking part in the ceremony; these figures are sitting too far away to be such important persons, for ministers would never have been put at the back of the king's bodyguard. On the left we see men with swords and one with bow and arrows; on the right, some with sword and shield, quiver and a large shut-up case. Trees appear behind both groups, on the right is the royal umbrella as well as a leaf-fan and an elephant without saddle or trappings.