77. Rudrayana the monk and king Bimbisara

Here too, the sculptor has taken some liberties with the mise-en-scene. We read in the Divyavadana that when the monk Rudrayana was begging in the streets of Rajagrha, king Bimbisara heard of it and went to him; therefore the famous conversation took place in the street. The relief evidently removes this meeting to the palace. Both figures are seated in a pendapa, the monk in the place of honor on the righthand of the king; he sits on a cushion with a back, whereas the monarch is humbly sitting on the floor. They are in eager discourse, the monk seems to have his right hand (now knocked off), raised in the gesture of refusal suitable to the result of their conversation. The king's retinue surrounds the pendapa, three on the left, among them the one with the folded bowl; on the right, first two standing with flowers in their hand, the rest sitting. There is a bearded brahman and a couple of men armed with bow and arrows and sword and shield. In the background the umbrella and some trees. Away on the right there is a horse and an elephant with his mahout on his bacl<.