79. Cikhandin is informed of the murder; his conversation with the queen-mother

Here too the relief is divided in two and more distinctly than in the last scene; the left part is now taken up by a space enclosed in a palissade, and the gateway giving entrance to it together with the adjacent tree, forms the partition between the two scenes. On the right the king is receiving the news that his orders have been carried out. He is seated on a large throne with a back richly-ornamented by makara-heads, under the seat is the closed box wound round with bands, that is also present in the last scene and need not be mentioned every time. A servant with a plaited basket sits behind the monarch on the right. On the left, where the royal umbrella is fixed up, sit the four persons with whom the king is talking; the two front ones with their grand headdress are certainly the wicked ministers, the first one making a sembah is the spokesman. The third has a gigantic sword in his hand, he must be one of the murderers from whom the king hears his father's last words.

The result of this appears on the lefthand scene, where the now-remorseful king converses with his mother, who tells him that the murdered man was not really his father. The place as already mentioned, is surrounded by a palissade. Inside this, on the extreme left, is the pavilion where the queen sits in the niche-shaped opening comforting her son. The king sits with one companion, not a servant but one of the ministers, between the pavilion and the gateway on the right, in an humble attitude, his hands in sembah. His rank is indicated by the umbrella and the two fly-fans fixed up behind him. A pair of birds are flying in the air. This representation of the scene differs from that of the text, where we are told that the queen visited her son, while on the contrary here the king is visiting his mother.