80. The performance of the trained cats at the stupa's

Under a large penthouse supported by pillars we see the stupa's on the left; they are round, with a band of garlands round the middle, each standing on a separate lotuscushion but placed together on the same pedestal. In the pedestal two cats are sitting; this is not what the text relates, each cat in its own hole under its own stupa. Both the monuments are crowned with an umbrella pinnacle, while right and left another umbrella is set up and flowers are falling from the sky; this latter miracle is misplaced and would surely have roused some doubts in the king's mind. Next to the pedestal of the stupa's on the left, two men are seated, on the right, one; this one makes a sembah and the two first are pointing with their hands to the monuments; these are surely the two wicked ministers again. The royal spectators are seated to the right on a wide seat under a canopy. The queen has the place of honor, on the king's right hand; she sits higher and has a back while the king is sitting on the bench itself without a back. Notice his headdress, sowell-preserved and fineIy-executed. Under a tree on the extreme right sit a few attendants, among them an armed guard; on the left next to the queen are her waiting-women, two kneeling, one of whom holds the folded bowl, and one standing with the fly-fan.