84. Cyamaka is offered a kingd om

This rather damaged relief would hardly be intelligible without the text. The events here depicted take place near a city, as we see by the building on the right; it is of simple construction, one storey on a foundat~on with rosette ornement, large double-doors between panels of square wall-paper pattern and a smooth sloping roof with top decoration. On the left of it stands Yamaha with an attendant; the monk is not present, for the miracle of the motionless shadow and the offer of the kingdom took place in his absence. Yamaha stretches his hand down to the people who kneel before him making their offer. The trees in the background shew that the scene is out-of-doors; the tree, under which Yamaha was seated, is not specified. The deputation that kneels before the chosen king is headed by someone holding up a very indistinct object in both hands, to judge by the shape probably a dish with flowers. Behind these people stand a couple of bearded men 'caning on' sticks, with rolled-up loincloth and hair twisted in a knot, probably brahmans. Quite on the left another barely-clothed man with no headdress is going away, he leans on a stick and carries another stick over his right shoulder with a bundle on it. There are several things we cannot very well account for on this relief, like the figure on the left and the now here mentioned attendant of Yamaha, so that it is only on the authority of the text that this scene can be entitled the offering of a kingdom.